Email Checker Review: Trusted Email Verification Service

A valid e-mail address is very important as it is one of the best and easy way for internet communications. Whenever you signup for any service or do online shopping on the internet, your email address is always needed for it. It can be when you sign up for an online account such as Facebook, or even when you submit a web form.

Do you want to clean up your email list? If yes, then you need a top-quality email verification service. Most of the time our email list contains invalid or fake email addresses. If we the process of email verification is not done then there will be a negative impact of the deliverability rate.

Your bounce rate will increase and it may lead to the account suspension. So the process of email verification is vital for every email marketing campaign.

About Email Checker

Email Checker is one of the webs longest running email checking services, dating all the way to 2009. Their outlook is truly global, only a small percentage of their sales originate from home country (The United Kingdom) and they have a major presence in the US, North America, and the Middle East also. Its industry-leading email verification API is used by a wealth of clients to check email addresses in real time.

Key Features Of Email Checker

  • Syntax & Format Checking

Syntax and format checking ensures that the email meets certain basic criteria such as whether it contains the ‘@’ symbol within the email address

  • Domain Checking

EmailChecker’s Domain checking features ensure that the email address contains a valid internet domain name, and validates if the featured domain is configured to accept mail.

  • Mailbox Checking

This features ensure that address before @ sign is valid or not. It is a unique feature of this service that sets service apart from many others.

  • B2B Verification

Its B2B Verification features allow you to handle the many specialist requirements of B2B email list cleaning. It is specially designed for speed.

  • Fast Verification

Email Checker is a fast email verification platform. With it you can check and verify a single email address instantly within your Email Checker dashboard account.

  • Disposable Email Address

Its Disposable Email Address detection feature easily detects disposable and temporary email addresses within your database and flags it to protect your sending and delivery reputation.

  • Error Correction

It optical correction features remove certain common invalid characters such as spaces and slashes. It do this with Email Checker API.

  • Email Checker runs on a cloud-based infrastructure with monthly uptime target of (SLA) of 99.9% for our API and Dashboard services.


Email Checker offers very affordable price for their high-quality service. Anyone an use thier service because of the low price. Email Checker credit based system allows you to purchase a block of email cleaning credits that relate to your immediate email verification needs.

Pay as you go plan is also available. For details of price click here.


Surely Email Checker is an excellent email verification service. If you are looking for an email verification service at low-price with top-quality service then you Email Checker can be a great option for you. Also, their customer support is available for 24/7.

We highly recommend Email Checker email verification service for your email marketing needs

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